Mark Linzmeier

DSC_1166-1Mark is living on The Big Island, Kona.  Please see if you’d like to get married in Hawaii!

Mark is a wonderful Wedding Officiant.  He loves doing casual beach weddings in a button down shirt, but he cleans up pretty when he needs to.  He’s 6’6″ tall! 

His height really isn’t an issue, because he’s standing in the back, and the bride and groom are up front.  The only time it was a problem was when the decorators hung a lot of glass crystals from a tree at Ole Hanson and the wind was blowing and the crystals kept hitting Mark in the head.

Mark was ordained March 2, 2008, with Universal Life Church and he is licensed to officiate weddings in Hawaii.  

Johan & Kelly’s Wedding, Crescent Bay Park, Laguna Beach