How do I get a marriage license in California?

You can pick up a regular public license, or a confidential license, at any county clerk’s office in California.  In Orange County, you will want to go to, fill out the application, and schedule an appointment to go in person to pick up your license. 

You can pick up your marriage license in Laguna Hills (right off the I5 freeway at the El Toro Exit), Santa Ana, or any other county clerk location.  The two of you need to go in together, take identification, and if you’ve been divorced recently, take your divorce papers.

If you can’t get your appointment quickly enough in Orange County, consider driving to San Diego, Los Angeles, or Riverside Counties.


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What works well for a wedding

What Works & What Doesn’t

Based on the hundreds of weddings we’ve officiated, here’s an oddball list of what seems to work, and what doesn’t work (in no particular order), at wedding ceremonies: 

What Works

  • Personal vows.  ALWAYS a winner!
  • A friend singing
  • Throwing flower petals and/or blowing bubbles
  • Giving flowers, a rose, a lei, to mothers/dads/grandparents during the ceremony
  • Live music – a friend strumming guitar, strings, bongo drums
  • Having someone who loves you contribute to your ceremony by reading a poem, saying a marriage blessing, or even telling a little story.
  • Laughter
  • Being surrounded by people who love you.
  • Having both mom AND dad, or two dads, or just mom – walk the bride down the aisle.
  • Having the parents walk in with the groom – in some cultures, that’s tradition.
  • Bringing in any and all cultural traditions to your ceremony (stomping on a glass, jumping over the broom, tea ceremony, lasso, coin exchange, etc.).
  • A sand ceremony – works great at beach weddings – and it’s really fun when the bride and groom have their kids participate
  • Having a glass of champagne (or a shot of tequila) BEFORE the ceremony.  It calms the nerves.  However, having SEVERAL drinks goes on my second list.
  • A bubble machine.
  • Creating your own unique wedding traditions to hand down to your children.
  • Serving a glass of champagne to your guests as they arrive.  The celebration starts the moment they get there.
  • Bare feet or flip flops at a beach wedding.
  • Cramming everyone into a party bus or a limo to get to the wedding site, on to the restaurant, and back to the parking area (it’s fun!).
  • Getting someone (your sister or your wedding coordinator) to call ALL YOUR VENDORS with a friendly reminder the day before your ceremony.
  • WHAT WORKS: Anything that makes you happy and makes you smile.

Our top beaches to get married on

Best Beaches in Southern California for a wedding

 We love beach weddings!

Here are some photos that we took of weddings at local beaches and parks.  Every beach has advantages and disadvantages!  We suggest you spend a lovely day exploring the different beaches just driving up the Orange County Coast on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).

For a larger wedding (50+ guests), we recommend getting married in a pretty park overlooking the ocean, instead of trying to manage everyone down in the sand.  For smaller ceremonies, there’s nothing more intimate or memorable than getting married with your feet in the sand (especially 30 minutes before sunset).  Dana Point has the nicest parks for weddings, and easy access from the freeway.  Laguna Beach has the prettiest beaches!

As you scroll through the beaches and parks below, you are starting in south Orange County, and working your way north along PCH.  You could literally start your day at Calafia Beach in San Clemente, hit each spot in order, and end up in Huntington Beach or Long Beach.  But we recommend you look at the beaches and parks in Dana Point and Laguna Beach, as they’re the BESTEST!


Calafia Beach

You would get off the 5 freeway at Calafia and head towards the water.  There is ample pay parking, bathrooms, and a nice beach.  You walk across the railroad tracks to get down to the sandy beach.  There’s nothing particularly sexy about this beach, but it has easy access, and is easy for old people to get down to the sand.  Also, the City of San Clemente doesn’t care about weddings, as long as you aren’t setting up chairs or structures.

Main Beach

Another pretty beach that you have to walk across the railroad tracks to get down to.  It’s more crowded, but there’s a huge pay parking lot nearby.

Ole Hanson

080503 Old Hansen Beach Club San Clemente 001
Grass lawn outside the Ole Hanson community center, San Clemente

There’s a community center called Ole Hanson that we do a lot of weddings at.  The city charges somewhere around $4000 to rent out the upstairs patio, and there’s a big oak tree in the grassy yard to have the ceremony.  You can also have a ceremony on the sand right there in front of Ole Hanson and the train station.

Capo Beach

There’s a beach parking lot on the corner of Coast Highway and Beach, but the beach isn’t very deep there and it’s really rocky.  The wedding ceremonies we’ve officiated there haven’t been very nice.  Skip it.


Pines Park

This is a pretty park overlooking the water.  Will accommodate a large group with chairs set up.  The train goes by below.  The City of Dana Point issues permits to get married in all of their pretty parks and the cost is very minimal!

Palisades Gazebo

The Palisades Gazebo is in a small park overlooking the ocean with a rose garden.

The Palisades Gazebo overlooks the ocean and has a pretty rose garden in front of it.  You can get a permit and set up chairs if you like, and the cost for a permit is very reasonable in Dana Point locations.  The only negative is the train blows through down below (we just wait while it rumbles by) and there are no bathrooms, and parking is a couple of blocks away, but it’s a very nice location!

Louise Leyden Park

There’s not much here.  It’s in a residential neighborhood, doesn’t have a gazebo or a perfect “spot” to perform a wedding ceremony, but it’s very quite and private (until the train goes by below).

Doheny State Beach

Parking is $15/car.  You can get a permit to use one of the facilities and you can get a permit to serve alcohol.  You can use the Palapa for weddings, but there are going to be people in swimsuits all around.  Doheny Beach is a good way to have a large wedding on a shoestring budget, but again, it’s not very sexy (sharing the beach bathrooms with all of the surfers and families at the beach).  

Lantern Bay Park

This is the pretty park overlooking the ocean, up by the Marriott Hotel.  Some weddings will set up on the large expanse of grass, while other weddings will use the amphitheater, which is fairly well hidden and quite private!  Although we’ve officiated quite a few weddings her, I don’t have a great photo to post.  It’s a pretty big park, and there is a playground with a public bathroom (praise the Lord), but on a busy summer day parking can be a problem.

Hertiage Park

Heritage Park has a large, round, elevated area (with compass points in the patio) overlooking the Dana Point Harbor and Marina.  Plus there is a huge expanse of grass overlooking the ocean, so you can set up your wedding site wherever you please.  The City of Dana Point has VERY reasonable permit fees, if you choose to get married in one of their pretty parks overlooking the ocean.  Although most parking is on residential streets, it’s not a problem.  The ONLY negative is that there isn’t a bathroom, which is stupid because the City of Dana Point has lots of money and they can afford to put in a water fountain or a bathroom!

Terri officiate wedding in Heritage park on the grass
Wedding on the grassy area at Heritage Park

Blue Lantern Gazebo

This gazebo is very private (doesn’t get much use).  It overlooks the marina and harbor and is very quite.  However, you don’t see the sunsets.  Located right across the street from the Blue Lantern Inn.  When a bride and groom are too late for their beach wedding (they arrive after dark), we move the wedding to this gazebo.

Ocean Institute Beach/Baby Beach

We don’t recommend having your wedding anywhere in the harbor.  The Ocean Institute beach goes underwater at high tide, and baby beach is just gross – and you can’t get a permit to get married on the sand in Dana Point.  But if that’s your spot, you need to check the tides before you schedule your wedding!  You can check the tide calendar for La Jolla Scripps Institute HERE.  The garden out past the institute makes a pretty place to get married, if you aren’t able to access the beach.  You can park in the Ocean Institute parking lot, and wander out to the beach along a dirt road that goes out to the right of the Institute.  The sun sets behind the Dana Point rock, so you don’t get the splashdown at the end of the day.

There’s a community club building there  in the harbor that you can rent for weddings.  Also, a lot of weddings take place at either Cannons Restaurant, or at The Chart House, up on the hill overlooking the harbor.  Those are both lovely places to get married and have your reception.

Strands and Salt Creek Beaches

These GORGEOUS beaches are situated below the Ritz Carlton, with rich people houses up above on the bluff.   You can sneak in a small wedding standing on the sand at The Strands, and there is a free parking lot on Selva Road.  But you have parking, bathrooms, a funicular going down to the sand (if grandma can’t do stairs), and a gorgeous beach.

If you’re going to have a big wedding on these beaches, going through all of the paperwork is difficult, time consuming, and costly.  If your budget allows, call the St. Regis Hotel and see what they can cook up right there on Salt Creek Beach.  If you have some money and are having a small wedding, the Ritz Carlton can set you up with a gorgeous patio area for your reception, and man do they buff you out!


Thousand Steps Beach

There are 235 steps down to this gorgeous beach (I counted).  It’s really lovely.  But parking is a bitch (street parking on PCH, or up the hill in the residential area).  If your grandma is rich and you’re in her will, you might insist she come to your wedding at this beach.

Table Rock Beach

Table Rock Beach entrance - steps go down the hill on the left
This is the street entrance to Table Rock Beach

OUR FAVORITE beach in all of Orange County.  Good for small weddings (no permits) and you have to handle the stairs

The cross streets are Table Rock and Pacific Coast Highway, but Table Rock is easy to miss, so map it out.  You can park on Eagle Rock, across the street from The Coyote Grill.

Table Rock Beach in Laguna – these rocks are at the center of the small beach (you go down 140 stairs to get to the beach, but it’s worth it!) and there’s a rock wall to the north side of the beach that kids jump off of or men fish from.  There’s a high wall and a cave towards the inland side of the beach, and it’s very intimate and private (usually just a few teenagers hanging out at sunset). Table Rock Beach
Table Rock Beach, Laguna, Right after sunset

The advantage of Table Rock beach is that you ALWAYS have a sandy beach – even at high tide, and you ALWAYS have a sunset on the water.  The disadvantages are that you can’t get a permit to get married on this beach (so only small weddings with no more than a dozen guests), and the stairs.

West Beach

West Beach is gorgeous too!  It has the same drawbacks as Table Rock Beach.  It’s the main gay beach in Laguna, so if you go at 1pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon, you will see the most attractive and buff young men playing volleyball in black speedos.

140500 Mark officiate wedding of Rizaldi and Anne at Treasure Island beach below the Montage
Wedding on Treasure Island Beach, below The Montage

Treasure Island & the beaches below the Montage Hotel

Check these out.  There is a pay public parking lot just south of the Montage, beach side of PCH.  Beautiful walkways and gardens, and stairs going down to pretty beach.   There are bathrooms here too!

Moss Beach

laguna Beach Moss Beach stairs wedding ceremony
Moss Beach in Laguna

Moss Beach in Laguna Beach is really pretty and private, with lot of rocks, but you have to check the tide tables… the sand completely disappears at high tide.  You CAN get a permit to get married at Moss Beach from the city of Laguna Beach for $210.  Also, the last step at the bottom of the stairs can be a doozy (the city keeps replacing the sand).  You have to scramble over some steps down at the bottom.  These folks going down the stairs were taking a baby stroller down to the sand.

Surf and Sand Hotel

This hotel is lovely!  They are very friendly to same sex couples, you can get married on their patio, or down below on the sand below the hotel.  But do check the tide tables before.

Orange County Laguna Beach Hotel gazebo wedding ceremony Terri Linzmeier officiate
Rose Garden at the Hotel Laguna

Hotel Laguna

This hotel has a lovely rose garden courtyard with a gazebo, or you can get married down on the sand.  The public areas are very nice, but the rooms desperately need updating (if you’re staying there – they haven’t bought new furniture since the 70’s).

Downtown Laguna Beach

Orange County Weddings - BAD IDEA -
Too much stuff got swept away in the tide

Nope.  Don’t do it.  Just don’t.  It’s crazy crowded with tourists, the city doesn’t allow weddings on the main beach, and there are so many better alternatives.

BAD IDEA: At this wedding at Divers Cove, they set up a ton of decor and THE TIDE WASHED IT ALL AWAY.

Heisler Park

Orange County Laguna Beach Heisler Park gazebo Las Brisas wedding minister Terri Linzmeier
Heisler Park Gazebo, just past Las Brisas restaurant

Just north of downtown, right past Las Brisas Restaurant, there is a long skinny park running along the rim over the ocean.  You can get a permit and get married at the gazebo (but be aware, the tourists can be extremely rude – you need to post signs to keep them out), anywhere in the park, or down on the sand at Picnic Beach or Divers Cove.  Check your tide tables before you plan your wedding on the beach there.

Crescent Bay Park, Laguna Beach

080428 Crescent Bay Park Laguna Beach 007
Little amphitheater at Crescent Bay Park

Crescent Bay Park (near Divers Cove, just north of the downtown area of Laguna Beach and north of Heisler Park) has a pretty little amphitheatre and lovely views of the ocean.  The City charges $250 for a permit to marry here, but for a private small wedding, you may not want to bother.

For planning purposes, please know that any of the beaches / parks near downtown Laguna Beach have terrible traffic, and parking is a problem, on beautiful summer days.  During the summer, driving up Pacific Coast Highway can take an extra 20 or 30 minutes just to wait through the traffic.  If you’re planning a wedding for July or August, you’ll be happier if you choose a more southern location with access from Crown Valley Parkway.

Crystal Cover State Park

You just CAN’T get married here without going through the park.  The park rangers won’t even let you in the parking lot if they suspect you’re having a wedding.  But if you have a decent budget, you can book a wedding at several spots throughout the park.

Corona Del Mar Beach

This is a public beach, just south of the Newport Beach Harbor.  There’s lots of parking and bathrooms, but it’s usually VERY crowded.  You can get a permit to get married in several locations like Inspiration Point, or you can scramble over the rocks and hill to get to Pirates Cove (I think that’s what it’s called).

Newport Beach and Huntington Beach

The City of Newport doesn’t care if you have a small wedding on the sand.  But from Newport Beach and north, you’re not finding the pretty cozy beaches – instead, you have the large expanse of fairly flat sand.  Same thing with Bolsa Chica State Beach, and Huntington Beach.  We do a lot of weddings at the Hyatt in Huntington, and they have a really nice facility and it works very well for weddings.

OLD VERBIAGE from our old website.  I’m going to paste it in here just for search words: You can customize your ceremony (replace “bride and groom” with your names, choose vows, readings, add whatever you like, and delete everything else – then e-mail it back to your wedding Officiant). Affordable Wedding Minister in Orange County, California Will travel to San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties! / Officiant . Your wedding should be a HAPPIEST celebration with lots of laughing, hugging and kissing. Together, we will tailor your wedding ceremony so that it’s a perfect “fit” for both of you.

I am here to marry you and to record the marriage license at the County Records Office for you. My name is Terri Lange. I will officiate your wedding ceremony and record the license with the county recorder for a $275 flat fee, plus a $50 gas/travel fee if I have to drive over an hour to get to your wedding. For gay or lesbian same-sex marriages, we change the words in the ceremony around. For instance, instead of, “I now pronounce you man and wife.”, it works nicely to say, “I now pronounce you partners in life and in love.” Last week I married two gentlemen in their 70’s who have been partners for 47 years. How cool is that?! marriage license information in Orange County, and to fill out the application on-line. The two of you will go to one of the offices (below) and take your drivers licenses.  You can apply for your license at the Old County Courthouse on the corner of Broadway and Civic Center Drive in Santa Ana (it’s the big old red building pictured at right), or you can go to the Laguna Hills Civic Center on El Toro Road in Laguna Hills. If you go to the Old County Courthouse, be sure to take an extra 15 minutes to go upstairs and see the historical courtroom, jury room, recorders room, and judges chambers that are on display – and don’t forget to feed the meter. I got a ticket there, and it cost me $47. Ouch! If you want to talk to a human at the County Clerk’s Marriage License Office, call 714-834-2500 between 8 am – 4:30 pm, press 6 for an operator, and ask to talk to a live person in Marriage Licenses. Click HERE to see locations and hours.

For weddings in Los Angeles County, visit the Los Angeles County Clerk HERE. NOTE: The Los Angeles County Clerk may be the most inept government office on this planet (I’m sorry, that was redundant, wasn’t it?). They say they need 6-8 weeks to “record” your marriage license and send you a certified copy, so if you need your Certified Copy of your marriage license quickly, you should drive down to Santa Ana in Orange County and get your license there. They only take 2 weeks to send your copy.
For weddings in San Diego County, visit the San Diego County Clerk HEREs

SEARCH WORDS: i need a pastor or minister or reverend or someone to perform or officiate my wedding ceremony vows in Orange County CA California, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest, Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Anaheim Hills, Fountain Valley, Trabuco Canyon, Silverado Canyon, Robinson Ranch, Rancho Cielo, Walden, Dove Canyon, Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Coto de Caza, Dove Canyon, Trabuco and Silverado Canyon, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, Leucadia, Del Mar, Solana Solano Beach, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Corona del Mar, Yorba Linda, Corona, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Westminster, North San Diego County, Corona del Mar,

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A FEW CITIES IN RIVERSIDE COUNTY (the rest are too far out there) – Corona – Lake Elsinore  – Murrieta- Norco Riverside – Temecula San Bernardino , Newport beach, corona del mar, marriage certificate, country club, renewal of wedding vows

13 Ideas of places to get married in Orange County

When choosing your wedding site, the sky’s the limit!  Chapels, restaurants, banquet halls, scuba diving, a hot air balloon, or someone’s back yard… we’ve married couples at wedding venues from fabulous restaurants overlooking the Los Angeles basin in Hollywood Hills, at a quiet spot in Two Harbors on Catalina, on a big charter boat out in the ocean, to under an old oak tree up in the San Diego Mountains. 

But if you haven’t found the perfect place yet, here are some ideas:

1. El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano

El Adobe Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano is lovely and relatively affordable for any size party.  Instead of gouging you for booking the room, then charging you separately for the meal and drinks, they charge you a fee for the room, but the fee goes away when you spend a minimum dollar amount on food and beverages.  They have about six rooms to choose from (depending on your headcount), and discounts at various times of the year.  Go to their website for more information at El Adobe De Capistrano, then drive over and visit the place.  Ask for a brochure outlining costs – and if you’re on a budget, perhaps a brunch menu with champagne would work for an early wedding. 

If you’re having an itty bitty wedding with no more than 8 people (maybe they would squeeze in an extra person or two), you could get married in the wine cellar (Cárcel) which was the old jail!  With a $200 food tab, jail is free.

2. Table Rock Beach

Table Rock, the prettiest beach in Orange County – located down a romantic flight of stairs at the end of Table Rock in South Laguna.  Your guests must be able to navigate some serious stairs, plus parking up along PCH can be an issue.  Most suitable for small wedding parties of no more than 10-20 people.  

Moss Beach and Mountain Beach are also pretty, fairly private beaches in Laguna Beach, but both beaches go under water at high tide.  Call the city for information about obtaining a permit (every city has different rules, and they keep changing the rules).

Table Rock beach is a County beach, and the County does not permit weddings on the sand – but that has never stopped us from having a quiet ceremony.

3. Garden Cottage Inn

There’s a sweet Bed & Breakfast in San Clemente that has lovely indoor, and outdoor, facilities where you can have your reception AND get married in their garden.  Ask them, but the place probably can’t handle more than 50-75 guests.  Go to:

4. University Club, at UCI

University Club, at UCI (University of California, Irvine).  The club is lovely, with a large grassy outdoor area and a beautiful gazebo.  The price is affordable (say, $7000 for the wedding site, music, banquet room, dinner and dancing for approximately 150 guests – it’s a non-profit organization, so they don’t overcharge!).  Go to:  University Club

5. Doheny Beach

Doheny Beach is great for large parties ($15 per car parking fee) and you can bring in food, but it’s not the prettiest beach.  Additionally, liquor is not allowed without a permit. 

Go to:  Doheny State Beach  for more info about Doheny Beach. 

Also, check with the rangers regarding obtaining a permit for wedding ceremonies in the park.  You can’t sneak by with a large gathering without that permit!

6. Captain Dave’s Safari

How’s this for a fun idea?  Captain Dave’s Dolphin Safari.  They’ve got catamarans suitable for different sized groups, or for ye landlubbers, they have a spacious 2nd story deck overlooking Dana Point Marina.  Go to their web-site Dolphin Safari for more information and prices (their prices seem high?).

7. Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is lovely and they have six places they use for weddings, but you must have a permit (they won’t let you in the parking lot if you haven’t got a permit).  Check with their Special Events coordinator for more information:  Crystal Cove State Park

8. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is romantic.  Pay $200 to reserve the gazebo overlooking the water next to Las Brisas restaurant (however, the gazebo isn’t comfortable for large groups of 40 or more people).  Print out this form and call the City of Laguna Beach: Laguna Beach Park/Beach Wedding Permit.  Have your reception at any lovely restaurant in town.

The view from the Gazebo

If you want to get married on the sand, you may obtain a permit to do so between the months of October and May.  The City of Laguna Beach will not issue permits for weddings on the sand during the summer months (but check out Heisler Park and other places).

9. The Inn at Laguna Beach

The Inn at Laguna Beach is right next to Las Brisas.  Rooms are from $200 and up with lovely views.  Or stay at the Inn At Laguna – rates are $195-$350, plus they have a link to their reception rooms on their web-site at:  Hotel Laguna.

Las Brisas has different rooms available for private booking and food packages starting at $25 per person for lunch + tax + gratuity.  They offer house champagne at $18 a bottle (it’s a little sweet, but after the first glass no one cares).  For a small wedding party, you could certainly enjoy brunch in the main dining room.  Click HERE to go to their website.

It can take an hour to get into the town.  Consider getting married in South Laguna, and your guests can travel to your ceremony via Crown Valley Parkway.

10. Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

If money is no object, get married at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel (they can set you up right on the sand at Salt Creek Beach, or use a banquet room, or erect a private tent for your party), or

 The Montage in Laguna Beach (both right on the water). 

11. St. Regis Hotel, Monarch Beach

There’s also the St. Regis Hotel in Monarch Beach (near the Ritz Carlton) with lovely views of the golf course and ocean, but it’s not right on the water.  The event managers at the hotels are often willing to negotiate, so ask!  At The Regis, the wedding manager allowed us to have a small wedding in their gorgeous gazebo for just $200 since the gazebo wasn’t booked and the brides were staying at the hotel. 

12. Blue Lantern Inn

If money is an object, staying at the Blue Lantern Inn at the end of Blue Lantern Street in Dana Point would be a lovely thing to do.  Get married right outside the front door at this pretty little gazebo that overlooks the marina.  Rooms are $175-500, but go to their website and click on SPECIALS, as they often have special rates advertised.  However, they don’t arrange any weddings at the Inn.  Go to: Blue Lantern Inn for reservations, and the Inn does have a room you can rent for smaller (up to 40, I think?) private parties.

13. Gazebo

This photo is of the gazebo at the end of Blue Lantern street (right next to the Blue Lantern Inn), overlooking the marina.  It’s lovely for an intimate gathering – but not for more than 10-20 people – and it’s been very popular with my Marines for a lovely wedding ceremony at an inexpensive price.