GENE WILLIAMS Handyman / former Marine from the Anaheim area is a THIEF

In July 2022 I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for help with my IKEA cabinet install. Gene Williams 657-243-5116 told me he had just installed an IKEA kitchen and I hired him to help me with my cabinets.

“Gene Williams” is an older guy – I’d say he’s late 50’s. He talks non-stop about being a Marine, but he was only a Marine for a couple of years when he was young. He has a wrinkled face and a full head of died black curly hair. He says he has a bunch of sisters who are train wrecks with their marriages and lives. I wish I had a photo of him to post.

After 3 days I fired him for shoddy work (really, really bad work – it all had to be taken apart and reassembled) and he went thru my garage and stole all sorts of stuff. He took both of my Ryobi drills, along with the charger and all the Ryobi batteries, he took my air hammer and other electric tools. He stole my PA System. He went through my garage and took every tool he wanted – dumb stuff like a level and pliers and hammers, ect.

I called the police department and filed a complaint but said they wouldn’t take any action without proof that Gene stole from me – like watching him load my tools into his big old beat up SUV.

I’m posting this page six months later, because I’ve moved to Nevada and he no longer knows where I live. However, if you’ve googled his phone number and found this page, that’s because it’s already too late and you’ve been a victim as well. 🙁