Congratulations to you both!

Terri officiate wedding in Heritage park on the grass

NOTE:  We’re working on a complete overhaul of this web-site.  Monica decided it was time for me to have an updated look, but it’s making me C RAZY.
Monica, if you’re here, can you figure out the menu thing?  I really like this template called Unite (love the purple) but I’d like to edit the menu names, and organize them into categories, like put everyone under the menu heading “about us”, and clump information together under links, etc.  But I want you to teach me how to fish – don’t just do it for me!  I found the menu page, but can’t figure out how to make changes or organize it.


My name is Terri Lange.  I am a non-denominational ordained minister, officiating wedding ceremonies according to YOUR WISHES.   Your wedding should be HAPPY CELEBRATION with lots of laughing, hugging, kissing and champagne!  We are here to marry you and to record the marriage license at the County Recorders Office for you.

Since I started officiating weddings in the mid 2000’s, my husband, Mark, and our four adult children have all started working in the wedding business with me.  Our son, Matthew, marries couples in New York City and works as a bartender in Manhattan.  Our son, John, started a wedding videography business and filled in as an officiant for a few years, but now he’s serving in the USAF, and our daughter Juliet has taken over his videography business.

Our daughter, Monica, is a wonderful wedding photographer!  She currently works as Photo Editor for the Aztec Daily Newspaper in San Diego and has photographed about 300 weddings to date (see her work and pricing at

I love to meet with you and sit down and go over your ceremony at our boat in the Dana Point Marina, but if you’re crazy busy and can’t schedule the time, we can have a Gmail ‘hangout’ or SKYPE meeting on the computer, or go over your ceremony on a conference call.

Please look around our web-page for wedding information, and to watch videos and see photos of our wedding officiant business – and if there are bugs in our pages, please let me know – the website is brand spankin’ new as of July 2014 and we’re still trying to figure out how to set it up!

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