James the Thief

IGNORE THIS PAGE – unless you found it by doing a google search on 214-735-8326, which is probably a temporary cell phone number…


I’ve been scammed, conned, and defrauded about six times in the past six months, and I know who is doing some of it… a handyman named James who lives in South Austin, released from prison and on probation sometime in 2014, says he’s good at drywall repair (he’s not), brags about being a good Christian and going to church all the time, and his cell phone number is 214-735-8326. He got my Lowes and VISA credit card numbers when he was doing a drywall repair for us in Hutto, and he stole $750 of stuff at the Hutto Lowes in January 2015, then he tried to steal another $850 at the same Lowes (but the card was cancelled) and he also ran up a bunch of charges on my VISA card at the OMNI hotel (printing/computer/fax services) and Boost Mobile and Spokeo.com.

I faxed this information to the Austin police department, but they ignored my fax. I thought they might be interested since James mentioned to our renter that he’s on probation. I never met the guy, but our renter said he was really sketchy.


After the two robberies at Lowes with my Lowes card, he then used my Visa Capital One card three times making online purchases of cell phone service, and paying for computer and fax services at a hotel in downtown Austin.