Wedding Ceremony Templates


  • Click HERE to access our wedding ceremony template, which is a Google Drive document.  Once you’ve decided you’d like us to officiate your wedding ceremony, I’ll copy the template over to an editable document that we can all edit, live, together.  The document self-saves as you make changes to it.  The template is pretty long because every time a bride or groom comes up with something new that we love (a new reading, lovely vows, etc.) we add it to the template.
  • Click HERE to access our wedding ceremony template for Same-Sex couples (with most of the pronouns sorted out).
  • Click HERE to access the Addendum that has our favorite readings, poems, prayers, ceremonies, etc.

I officiated a wedding in October 2015, and the groom wrote the loveliest personal vows, so I’ll copy them here just for fun:

“Jennifer, when we re-met, it was like a dream!  When I saw you, I didn’t think, I had no plan, I just reacted; I was simply compelled and drawn to you by your magnetism. Your stunning beauty at that moment is something I will never forget and I can still picture perfectly to this very day. When I walked over, I said the very first thing that came to my mind, “I’m sorry for smashing you with my desk in the 4
th grade!” In hindsight, this moment set the tone for our relationship and our life together. Not because I was apologizing for being bad… but because of the laughter we shared… and have been sharing together ever since.

Jennifer… I LOVE YOU! I love your electric and contagious smile. I love your brutal honesty, your uncompromising morality and your unselfish inclination to help others in need. I love your brain and the way you think. I love the way you challenge me to be better every day and I love your adventurous and fun-loving attitude towards life. I love how you mother our children and I love how you are my very best friend. I am now and always will be in love with you!

Jennifer…We are sooooo lucky! Lucky to live this dream life! Lucky to have been born to our quirky and wonderfully amazing families. Lucky to share our lives with friends who love us. Lucky to have found each other and to share this journey together.  Even luckier to have two healthy, beautiful, intelligent young daughters. Sooo Lucky…

Jennifer, I promise that I will never stop loving you. I promise to always compliment your cooking, to empty the dishwasher every morning, and fold laundry every Sunday. I promise that I will be the best father I can possibly be for our daughters. I promise that you will always be my best friend, my lover and my partner throughout this life!

Jennifer… I marry you! I marry you! I marry you!”             – written by Jon

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