What Works & What Doesn’t

Based on the hundreds of weddings we’ve officiated, here’s an oddball list of what seems to work, and what doesn’t work (in no particular order), at wedding ceremonies: 

What Works

  • Personal vows.  ALWAYS a winner!
  • A friend singing
  • Throwing flower petals and/or blowing bubbles
  • Giving flowers, a rose, a lei, to mothers/dads/grandparents during the ceremony
  • Live music – a friend strumming guitar, strings, bongo drums
  • Having someone who loves you contribute to your ceremony by reading a poem, saying a marriage blessing, or even telling a little story.
  • Laughter
  • Being surrounded by people who love you.
  • Having both mom AND dad, or two dads, or just mom – walk the bride down the aisle.
  • Having the parents walk in with the groom – in some cultures, that’s tradition.
  • Bringing in any and all cultural traditions to your ceremony (stomping on a glass, jumping over the broom, tea ceremony, lasso, coin exchange, etc.).
  • A sand ceremony – works great at beach weddings – and it’s really fun when the bride and groom have their kids participate
  • Having a glass of champagne (or a shot of tequila) BEFORE the ceremony.  It calms the nerves.  However, having SEVERAL drinks goes on my second list.
  • A bubble machine.
  • Creating your own unique wedding traditions to hand down to your children.
  • Serving a glass of champagne to your guests as they arrive.  The celebration starts the moment they get there.
  • Bare feet or flip flops at a beach wedding.
  • Cramming everyone into a party bus or a limo to get to the wedding site, on to the restaurant, and back to the parking area (it’s fun!).
  • Getting someone (your sister or your wedding coordinator) to call ALL YOUR VENDORS with a friendly reminder the day before your ceremony.
  • WHAT WORKS: Anything that makes you happy and makes you smile.