Juliet Linzmeier



Juliet will be back from her teaching job in Spain this summer, 2018, and she’s officiating weddings again!

Juliet Linzmeier, has been officiating weddings for 5+ years, and she’s received very nice compliments from her brides and grooms.  Scroll down to see photos of some of her weddings.

Juliet’s email address is Juluet@gmail.com
Her cell phone is disconnected until she is back in the United States, so for now, her best contact is via email or Facebook Messenger.

Juliet has lived abroad in Australia and Spain, and has a Bachelors degree from CSULB in Organismal Biology (bugs and lizards and creepy crawly things).

Juliet has experience officiating all sorts of weddings – mostly intimate beach and park weddings, but a few big weddings too!  Scroll down for photos:



140100 Juliet Lange Linzmeier officiating wedding ceremony in Los Angeles

140100 Juliet Lange Linzmeier officiate wedding for Chantal and Ali at the beach 2    040200 Juliet Lange Linzmeier offiant wedding in Long Beach   140700 Juliet Lange Linzmeier officiating wedding in Laguna Beach 2 of 2