Memorial Service

If you’ve found this page, you’re probably planning a memorial service or a funeral service for a loved one.  My sympathies for your loss.  You will find that actively planning the service and remembering your loved one during the service act as a catharsis while you’re grieving.

My job is to assist you by leading the memorial service – whether it is in a chapel, park, restaurant, public venue, or a private home.  The service should reflect the deceased person’s life; it should celebrate their vision, their contributions, their humor, their religious beliefs and spirituality, their friendships, the life they lived, the music they loved.

I will be honored to lead your memorial service, and I have a template which is a starting point to create a lovely service.   It’s important to encourage loved ones to share in a positive environment while keeping an eye on the clock (yes, folks can get carried away and go on and on).

Click HERE to view my Memorial Service Template.

I charge the same price to officiate a memorial service as a wedding, as both services are similar in that they take a similar amount of preparation and time, and both services are a celebration of life – albeit one is a happier occasion.  It’s nice when you can come visit me in Mission Viejo and we can go over your wishes for the service, but I understand how crazy your life is right now, and we can meet via webcam on SKYPE or Gmail, or have phone meetings to put together the service.

I have a wireless PA System with microphones I can bring to your service (no extra charge), and you can plug in an iPod with songs to play before and after the service.  Your choice of songs sets the tone for the gathering.

Your service can be as formal, or as informal as you choose.  At one service I officiated, everyone sat around in a large circle and I handed the microphone off to the person on my right, and everyone chose to say something as the microphone passed by. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text me at (949) 697-2246, or email me (I’m an e-mailer!) at 

Terri Lange
Minister, U.L.C.

Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties $325
plus a $50 travel fee to travel over an hour (one-way) from Dana Point to your service.


To reserve your Officiant, please check with Terri to make sure I’m available for your date and time.  Then send $100 deposit using Venmo, Paypal to Family & Friends, Zelle, or you can mail a check to:
Terri Lange
33421 Nottingham Way, B, Dana Point, CA 92629

cell: 949-697-2246