Wedding Ceremony Template – Same Sex Couples


Here is our Google Drive document which is our template for gay / lesbian / same sex ceremonies with most of the pronouns sorted out.  You can copy it into whatever word processing document you like to use and edit, delete, and add to it.  Every time a bride or groom comes up with something new that we love (a new reading, lovely vows, etc.) we add it to the template, so it’s pretty long.  Click HERE to access the template.  At the very end of the template, there’s another link to a collection of nice readings, poems, prayers, wedding blessings, etc.

Every couple has their own way that they’d like to spin the words during their ceremony (married couple, spouses, married partners, etc.).   At first I thought “Mr. and Mr.” or “Mrs. and Mrs.” was awkward, but we’ve used that during several ceremonies and it works out just fine.  Whatever words feel right to you – that’s what we’ll go with.  I’m happy to go with anything, except I don’t much care for the word “partners”.  It sounds too much like you’re in business together.

To view photos of our LGBT ceremonies over the years, Click HERE